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→ we punch those goons out, take their machine guns, and burst in there blasting!

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Eli Raphael Roth (born April 18, 1972) is an American film director, producer, writer and actor. He is part of the group of filmmakers dubbed the Splat Pack, because of their association and their focus on the horror genre. Roth is known for making extremely violent, low-budget horror films → wiki

❝It’s this crazy thing where you’re back there, and I didn’t want to be like too “actor-y” and try and get all emotional, but I was listening to heavy metal and listening to all this music to just psych myself up to kill like Iron Maiden and Misfits and Guns n’ Roses and Dead Kennedys like punk-rock.

Then my girlfriend at the time put Hannah Montana as a joke on my [iPod] and it was like, “Everybody makes mistakes.” I was like, “What the fuck is this?” “Everybody knows what I’m talking ‘bout. Sometimes I’m in a jam. I gotta make a plan.” I was like fucking singing Hannah Montana, and then I was like what if Brad Pitt came back and was like, “What the fuck are you listening to?”

And what if Quentin was like, “What are you doing? Are you like listening to Hannah Montana? You’re supposed to be beating this guy. What the hell’s wrong with you?” and I just thought like, “Oh, God, what if I get caught listening to Hannah Montana?” I had total Hannah Montana shame. Then I was like she put this on as a joke, but now I’m kind of enjoying it and now I’m secretly embarrassed about that, and that just made me go crazy.

So if I wanted to instantly go to my psycho place, I would just put on Hannah Montana and think [to myself], “God, what if I was at a concert and I had a bat? Would I just go nuts and start wiping the place out? And then what if I was Hannah Montana? How would I pull that off? I don’t even look like I’m in college let alone high school. Would I be a teacher who’s also a pop star? Oh yeah, we’ve got to film the scene.”

Literally, Quentin’s like, “Man, you’re so intense. You’re so in the zone,” and I’m thinking, “What if I was Hannah Montana?”

You never know what takes you to a place of insanity.❞

— Eli Roth on psyching himself up for his big scene in Inglourious Basterds.